Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation in Sacramento

Those who obtain insurance for their financial institutions or businesses are entitled to the coverage for which they have paid. The drive to make profits can sometimes lead to insurance companies prioritizing their earnings over their contractual commitments to protect the businesses they insure. 

The insured’s rights against an insurer are primarily based on the insurance contract as expressed in the policy, but they can also arise from the general duty of good faith placed by law on all insurance companies in dealing with their insured. We know how to investigate, document, and present both contract and bad faith claims against insurers as experienced an insurance bad faith litigation law firm. Don’t let the insurer’s justification for denying insurance be the last word. Get in touch with one of the top Insurance attorneys in California from The Law Office of Michael J. Farley having the best insurance claim lawyer around Sacramento to discuss your options.

Our bad faith insurance claim lawyers have dealt with corporate insurers from the beginning of a claim to ensure that the insurer is acting in good faith while pursuing claims. They also understand what needs to be done from the start of an insurance claim to make pursuing a bad faith claim easier if it becomes required.