Criminal Defence

Criminal Defense

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s critical to contact an experienced fraud criminal defense lawyer who knows how to handle these cases. Our criminal defense law firm in Sacramento defends people and businesses around the country against investigations, grand jury subpoenas, and criminal accusations.

Criminal charges can be extremely stressful and difficult to deal with. If your case includes a white collar crime or a federal case, you’ll need a law firm that gives personalised attention to your case. 

Hiring a criminal defence attorney who is not hesitant to take your case to trial might enhance your chances of getting a favourable outcome significantly. Law enforcement and prosecutors have a wealth of resources at their disposal, and our firm ensures that we stay current on criminal defense laws so that we may assist our clients with the best expertise, knowledge, and experience possible.

Before our clients decide whether to plead on the case or go to trial, our firm will carefully examine the prosecutor’s evidence and any legal defenses. We can also assist clients in appealing unfair convictions in federal court, in addition to our federal trial practice.