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Law Office of Michael J. Farley

Michael is originally from Queens, New York. While in high school, his family moved to Detroit, Michigan, where he graduated from college and law school at Michigan State University. He moved to California from Detroit in 1990 where has lived and raised his own family including a son and a daughter.Michael started his legal career representing insurance carriers against people who suffered catastrophic injuries. He also represented insurance companies in their investigation of suspected fraudulent claims. After decades of learning the insurance industry’s way of doing business, he decided he had enough. He started a new career representing people against insurance companies and the government. He now puts his insurance experience to work against the industry which thinks nothing of minimizing the pain and suffering people endure as are sult of injuries theysuffer due to the negligence of others.

Focus Towards Each Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Case

We are committed to providing clients with proactive and considerate legal representation throughout their case. With decades of combined expertise assisting California residents, we understand that each case is unique. We adopt a tailored approach to developing strategic solutions that address their specific issues. You can rest assured that we are prepared to fight for you if you or someone you love has been harmed in a serious vehicle accident or is facing criminal charges.

Involvement In the Legal Community

Michael Farley is practicing in California for over 30 years and since then, he has been highly involved in the Legal Community.

The State Bar of California (Litigation Section)

Sacramento County Bar Association

Consumer Lawyers of California

We carefully select the cases on which we work so that we can give each client the attention they deserve. We put forth a lot of effort to properly investigate each case and offer the final findings. You can rest assured on your decision of opting for us, because we know how to handle the most difficult cases with ease. When you are in need to get the medical attention, we can handle your legal matters on your behalf without any problem while simultaneously ensuring you with complete satisfaction.

We Never Hesitate to Take On A Tricky Case

With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to calculate the certain value of your claim based on damages and complex circumstances. Furthermore, we walk our clients through every step of the process, making sure they’re aware of the whole situation and what to expect in the future.