Case Results

Confidential Settlement

$300,000 Dollars Premises Liability & Negligent Operation of Fork Lift

Wayne, a Viet Nam war veteran, was a highly experienced FedEx Truck driver, having learned to drive tractor trailers, i.e., big rigs, during his tour overseas. On this particular day, he drove his FedEx vehicle to a local business to deliver a large pallet of plumbing supplies.

The customer who received the pallet was responsible for its removal from the FedEx truck.However, the customer’s employee who operated the fork lift was untrained and had no experience in the operation of a fork lift. He failed to lower the pallet before executing a turn and what followed was catastrophe. The entire pallet tipped and spilled over onto Wayne. He sustained a torn rotator cuff injury in the area of his shoulder and was out of work for over a year.

Mr. Farley and Wayne recovered $300,000 dollars for his injuries, lost wages and medical bills.